Is Your Type of Home an Ideal Fast Cash Property?

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How do you know if you have an ideal fast cash property?

Since there are many properties that work fantastic for cash sales, there isn’t one ideal type. We’d like to cover the various situations where you can leverage a cash home buyer for convenience and flexibility.

Ideal Fast Cash Property? Yes, as Long as There’s Equity

If you’re wondering if your property is one that KC Property Guys would purchase, the answer is probably “yes.” However, there is one caveat: you have to have at least some equity in the home.

If you’re underwater with your home, and there’s no true value, then cash investors may not have a profitable solution. That’s because they endure the overhead of trying to repair and refurbish a home, which has to be worth it to them. At the end of the day, the investor runs a business rather than a charity, which means there has to be room in the contract to make it work.

Plenty of Flexibility & Opportunity with KC Property Guys

Fortunately, with KC Property Guys that doesn’t have to be a lot of room, and we’ll work with you if your home is in disrepair or low value. We handle 40 or 50 houses per year, so we don’t have to make tons of money off each house, as long as we turn them. Our volume gives us a lot of opportunity and flexibility that other investors don’t have.

An ideal house doesn’t mean it’s free from disrepair. Most houses we buy require some upkeep to prepare them to sell again. Therefore, home damages should not deter you from selling your home to a cash buyer.

We encourage you to pick up the phone and simply ask us a few questions. From a quick conversation, we can tell whether it would work. Our experience shows us that about 18/19 out of 20 houses have cash sales potential. You also don’t have to decide instantly. We can help you put all the numbers together and determine the feasibility.

Advantages to Selling for Fast Cash

Now that you know there are plenty of houses that can sell this way, we invite you to investigate how to sell your home as-is for fast cash. We don’t claim that it’s always the right move for everyone, but it’s a solid strategy for folks in certain circumstances.

Selling a home for cash has many advantages over regular real estate sales.

  • It’s the fastest way to sell a home, especially if you need to relocate, but that doesn’t mean you have to set a fast closing date. Many of our clients even live in their homes after closing.
  • You won’t get stuck dealing with several middlemen.
  • There are no negotiations required.
  • You don’t have to worry about a buyer canceling at the last moment.
  • We can handle all the cleaning, repairs, estate sales, auctions, and other hassles associated with selling and moving.

You Don’t Need an Ideal Fast Cash Property to Work with KC Property Guys

So, as we said, it never hurts to grab the phone and start a quick conversation. There’s no pressure to do anything, and we only buy houses when it benefits the seller.

KC Property Guys enjoys a sterling reputation in the Kansas City metro area as a reliable cash buyer and refurbishing company. We also own a local foundation repair company, KC Pier, which allows us to do much of the maintenance entirely in-house. Therefore, we’re uniquely qualified to buy, fix, and sell your home with less bureaucracy than other cash investors.

Contact us anytime to find out if you have an ideal fast cash property based on your personal circumstances, needs, and home-selling goals.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO