Distressed House Situation? Get it on the Market Fast With KC Property Guys

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We’re out in Bonner Springs, and we are helping … Actually, KC Property Guys is assisting KCPG Realty Group to assist an owner out in Bonner Springs who has a distressed house situation. And so we’re in the house actually sweeping through it and cleaning it up and doing a few minor things prior to listing for KCPG Realty Group, but we’ll have this house on the market here shortly, ultimately to help her sell, create a little equity, and then kind of move on, pay off old debts and create some new blue skies for her.

Distressed House Scenario – Sell It Fast

So that’s something that we do with at KC Property Guys and also KCPG Realty Group is that we work with owners that are in distress scenario, whether it’s a bankruptcy or a tax lien or foreclosure. We ultimately have resources with our crews to improve houses to get them ready to list. Our ultimate goal is to spend $1 to make two and give that equity back to the homeowner, and that’s something that we can do anywhere within the Metro Kansas City area. And so we just happen to be out here west in Bonner Springs and doing that with this owner.

What do I do to get it on the market?

So if you as a homeowner have a consideration or even some type of scenario where you’re in a distressed or a financial situation where the house might be worth a little bit less or you think it may be worth less than ultimately what you owe and you’re looking for some potential options, that’s where the creative side of real estate comes in for KC Property Guys, so feel free to give us a call or go to KCPropertyGuys.com and just reach out to us. We’ll be in contact with you and we’ll talk about the situation and ultimately come over and take a tour and creatively come up with some options that may be able to help you in the long run.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO