Selling a Million Dollar home to a Cash Home Buyer

Selling a Million Dollar home to a Cash Home Buyer

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We are getting more and more calls from people like this particular owner who is just simply considering the cash buying experience, not because of some type of life scenario that tends to be negative like you hear a lot about with some cash investors about buying houses through divorce or loss of a job or a death in the family, something of that nature. This homeowner just simply had the choice of to whether use a realtor and go the traditional route or entertain a cash offer. And this house happens to be nearly a million-dollar house out in Hallbrook of Leawood, Kansas. It’s six bedrooms, five baths, 5,600 square feet. But the homeowner who was the original homeowner, so the house was dated and needed some attention, but still had plenty of buyers in the buyer pool through the traditional real estate route, simply chose to go with the cash option because it was easy because the variables could be met.

And more often today, I mean, we run quite a few crews. We do quite a few houses on the cash buy-side at KC Property Guys. But more often, we are getting calls as the cash buy becomes a more popular and accepted scenario of an option versus traditional real estate. And much like this homeowner, we get calls from many people at all price points when they’re trying to make this consideration. This particular homeowner had us in, we walked the house, we came up and talked about the variables, closing times, meeting specific closing times, leaving some stuff behind. Ultimately, they wanted to do that. They were moving to the east coast to be closer to family. Those types of variables, customizing those to help meet needs. She wanted a large down payment to make sure and ensure that this house was going to close. And we closed on 100% of our houses. This one is no exception.

But a large down payment was very important to her to give her peace of mind that if she did make that commitment to buy a house on the east coast and begin that move, this one was going to close. And so through all those variables, we customized the timeline, leaving the stuff, making sure that deposit was held in check with our title company, which we pay all the closing costs, we were able to agree with a cash home buyer. And this is becoming more popular with home buyers, or home sellers. I’m sorry. So as a home seller, if you’re making some considerations of potentially selling through a realtor and you don’t necessarily know if a cash buy experience might be for you, then you can simply just call and we can talk and chat about it. We do have realtors. So ultimately we have the opportunity to sell this through one of our realtors.

And the beauty of that, especially when you’re moving is you can customize your buy date with the sell date because we’ll just move and put the sale date on a slider for the home that you’re selling. So it can coordinate specifically to the day or the day before of the home you’re buying. And we have realtors that can help you with the buy-side and customize that solution. But in this particular case, she just chose not to. It was easy, it was customizable and it helped her make that move. So if you’re a homeowner looking for a customized solution and you’re not necessarily sure if you want to go the traditional realtor route, the showings, the cleanings, the inspections, the escrow. 22 to 24% of those houses tend to fall through due to inspections or other variables, buyer inspections, or other variables tied to financing.

If you want something reliable, true, and trusted and always closes, at least for us, 100% of our deals close, then you can consider the cash buying experience. This particular house, as I said, we’re going to take you on a tour so you can see it. We touched quite a bit on the cash buying side once we got our rehabbers on in here. The guys touched quite a bit from new tile, new backsplash, new flooring, and carpet throughout, many of the rooms were painted, most of the lighting from pendant lighting to fans, to our chandeliers hanging through the grand entry. We had to touch the handrails, the carpet, stairway carpet, customized stairway carpet. Some things in this particular house are scaled up to more so than some of our traditional houses, but at the same time, it was done to help meet and attract the buyer’s needs to ultimately make sure that the house sold.

Selling a Million Dollar Home to a Cash Home Buyer

So we’re wrapping this one up. It’s been a successful deal. If you as a home seller are trying to make and weigh those options of whether you consider a cash home buyer or the traditional real estate option, just go to kcpropertyguys.com, fill out the form and we’ll be in contact with you. We’ll set up a time to meet and tour and talk about the options and the things that you’re trying to do to meet your transition and wherever that transition takes you.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO