Should I Sell My House Before or After Divorce?

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Every life situation is unique and filled with variables – some pleasant, others, not so much. As seasoned property professionals, we at KC Property Guys understand that these situations can dramatically affect major decisions, such as selling your home. One such life variable we frequently encounter is divorce. A common question we get asked is: Should I sell my house before or after the divorce? Let’s take a deeper look into this and help you navigate this complex decision.

Amicable Separation

One crucial factor that determines whether it’s better to sell your house before or after divorce is the nature of the separation.

Collaborative Divorces and Property Sales

When divorces are negotiated directly between the couple, the environment tends to be more amicable. This amicability makes it less crucial to strictly define the timeline of selling the house. With joint tenancy, the couple usually has an agreed-upon split of proceeds which can be sorted out amiably.

At KC Property Guys, we can smoothly integrate these variables into the contract. Working with professional closing companies and underwriters, we guarantee a fair and clean transaction for both parties involved. The goal here is to ensure you’re both protected throughout the process, with equal distribution of payments according to the agreement we’ve worked into the contract.

In such cases, the decision to sell your house can be made either before or after the divorce, with no significant complications involved.

When Lawyers Get Involved

In contrast to amicable divorces, cases where lawyers are involved usually require a more structured approach when deciding to sell your house.

Divorce Proceedings and Home Sales

With legal involvement, selling your house typically takes place after the divorce. The primary reason for this is that significant shared assets, like your home, are usually the last items to be discussed in the divorce proceedings.

Once the divorce decree is in place and everything is finalized, the house must either be sold or refinanced, so that one or both parties can receive the equity they’ve negotiated through the divorce.

Planning and Helping Through the Process

Regardless of whether your separation is amicable or involves lawyers, KC Property Guys is here to help you navigate the process, always keeping your best interests at heart. We can guide you through various scenarios and variables to determine the best timing to sell your house.

Flexible Contract Terms for Peace of Mind

With KC Property Guys, contract flexibility is key. We’ve worked with contracts that extend up to a year, providing time for the divorce to mature and finalize. This approach allows the sale to be solved upfront, but closed on the back end, offering some peace of mind during a potentially tumultuous time.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a planner and prefer to have your ducks in a row, KC Property Guys can help you resolve these variables upfront and close the deal over an extended period of time. This way, you can ensure that everything is settled in an orderly fashion, without any last-minute surprises.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO