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How’s it going, everybody? Is Lucas Scheele with KC Pier and Kansas City Property Guys. And today, we’re actually out in Gardner, Kansas, going to be looking at a unique estate home cash buy. And lucky for us, we got the President of KC Pier and Kansas City Property Guys, Eric Scheele, here on site today and he’s going to give us the lowdown on this property. So let’s jump into this, guys.

Estate Home Cash Buy Solution

Eric Scheele:

Hi. My name’s Eric Scheele, I’m with KC Property Guys and KC Pier. Today, we’re out in Gardner, Kansas and we’re starting the clean out and demo work on an estate cash buy that really has an interesting story. This is one that actually was an estate and also a foreclosure. And so there’s multiple reasons why this one ultimately came to us. The daughter who inherited the house and ultimately couldn’t afford it, called us for a solution.

Eric Scheele:

And so we were able to finally close on it just recently. And so we’re here to kind of do our walkthrough and start our clean out and our demo. And so if you guys are in a situation, whether it’s an estate or a distressed home, obviously just give us a call and we’ll come out and we’ll talk about options. She didn’t have many options with this one. She ultimately was kind of looking for that cash option. And so that’s what we settled on. But typically, there’s multiple options. Some of them involve specifically working direct with KC Property Guys. Some of them are creative where there’s some partnership opportunities. And sometimes we ultimately just work with the KCPG Realty Group.

Contact KC Property Guys

Eric Scheele:

But between those three bodies, we ultimately can kind of work out multiple situations and options for you as a homeowner. And then they’ll have different levels of equity, they’ll have different timelines, and then you guys can kind of decide what works best for you. So you can go to KC Property Guys, fill out our form. Or you can call us direct, you can call the number right on KC Property Guys, it comes direct to us. And we’ll set up a time to come out, walkthrough and look at some options.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO