What Are Some Tips for Preparing Inherited Homes for Sale?

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What are the best ways to go about preparing inherited homes for sale?

It’s a popular question because it’s very common to inherit property, but have no further use of it. That makes selling the home the logical solution, yet it still requires additional planning to address your deceased relative’s possessions. KC Property Guys has a few tips on how to handle this matter if you inherit a property you don’t wish to keep.

Important Elements for Selling an Inherited Home

When customers tell us they’re selling an inherited home, we try to walk them through every variable. Organization is arguably the most important preparation factor. Ideally, you would want to have a few things already in place, including:

  • A Will or Trust
  • An Estate
  • An Executor

We can help people sell an inherited home even if they don’t have these items when their loved one dies, but it makes the process go much smoother.

Especially in Kansas, you must have a “determination of descent” to make it through the courts. This allows the heirs to establish themselves with the court, making them able to transfer the property as they see fit. In Missouri, it’s much simpler, where you can obtain an “authorization of heirship,” which doesn’t require as much court action, but still signifies ownership rights.

How KC Property Guys Helps with Preparing Inherited Homes for Sale

KC Property Guys has lots of resources for managing these legal designations, in either state, so all you have to do is call us to initiate the process. We get lots of calls about this and have seen every angle at one point or another. Therefore, we can troubleshoot anything after asking a few pertinent questions.

Ways We Help You Manage Possessions

On a contractual level, we’re flexible to the needs of the client with regards to court proceedings, closing deadlines, and possessions. If you elect to have an estate sale, organize an auction, or even leave things behind, we can work with you.

The other tremendous advantage with our method is that we close on 100% of homes.

You don’t have to worry about wholesaling or moving the property to third parties. If we enter a contract with you, we’ll close the deal. You don’t have to deal with other confounding variables because we also handle all the rehabilitation and cleaning before our real estate team sells the property.

Other Advantages to Selling to a Fast Cash Buyer

Why do folks around Kansas City appreciate the fast cash or cash sales approach to selling inherited homes?

There are several terrific reasons:

  1. It streamlines the process dramatically. For one thing, you won’t want to endure probate court or other legal affairs on your own. We also streamline all the real-estate aspects, which would be much more strenuous if you work with a conventional realtor.
  2. You can get the equity proceeds fast. We wire the money directly to your account.
  3. This is a better alternative to leaving a property sitting around indefinitely. If you leave an inherited house unattended, it’s at a greater risk for vandalism, deterioration, and other problems.

Preparing Inherited Homes for Sale is Way Easier with KC Property Guys

So, don’t hesitate to make a call to explore the fast cash approach with KC Property Guys. The initial consultation is free. If you accept our appraisal and wish to move forward, then we’ll quote a price, and get the ball rolling.

How do you know you’re not hiring a sketchy buying company when you work with us?

It’s an important question because there are scammers out there. However, you can always verify our buyer credentials by checking out our numerous consumer reviews (5-star rating on Google Reviews), and our reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Plus, you can request to view our purchasing history anytime.

Contact KC Property Guys for the most essential advice for preparing inherited homes for sale in Kansas City.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO