What are the Consequences of Selling to an Unqualified Cash Home Buyer?

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Wouldn’t you like to avoid making the painful mistake of selling your home to an unqualified cash home buyer?

Most of the time you won’t actually sell your home at all. Once you realize the risks involved, it becomes clear why you can only do business with a reputable company like KC Property Guys.

How You Know They’re an Unqualified Cash Home Buyer

Sometimes when we look at a house, we’ll find that they’ve already tried the cash sales approach with other companies (with less than satisfactory results). Oftentimes, a homeowner will contact us after failing to sell to another cash buyer, and it turns out they were working with a wholesale business.

That’s where the trouble starts.

Wholesalers rarely intend to buy the house. They often pull out of buying deals because of a contract loophole. When you read through the contract, it states that they’re really a wholesaler, and that they reserve the right to sell the rights of the contract to somebody else.

This, of course, is NOT the same as selling the house. So, if they can’t sell it for the price you set with them initially, they can come back to negotiate a lower price. Worse than that, they might try to sneak out of the contract (by mischaracterizing issues in the home), or by abandoning it altogether.

Reputable Buyers Don’t Play These Games

It’s really frustrating for homeowners to think they had a deal – perhaps one that was too good to be true – only for the “buyer” to disappear. Then they’ll call us and we’ll help them do what should have happened the first time. We’ll quote a price, and since we’re not a wholesaler, we’ll close on it.

We close on 100% of the houses we buy and can prove it with our purchasing history. Therefore, you know there’s a firm deal from the moment we quote a price and you agree to it. You would be in no danger of losing the deal for any reason.

Finally, don’t forget that there are advantages to cash buying rather than paying all the realtor fees in the regular market. When you work with KC Property Guys, you’ll see why working with a legitimate cash buyer can be better than selling your home the traditional route. There’s plenty of opportunity and move-out flexibility if you work with the right company.

How to Find a Qualified Buyer

Cash home buying only works when you deal with a legitimate cash buyer. How do you confirm this with your potential cash buyer? We recommend this pearl of wisdom to discerning clients: Let Google be your guide.

It only takes a brief period to research their buying credentials and business reputation. While you’re searching through buying companies, ask a few questions about the company.

  • Do they have a website?
  • Are there positive reviews?
  • Can they work in Kansas and/or Missouri?
  • Do they have a profile with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? Are there good reviews with them?

There are several ways to verify a buyer’s credentials. You don’t want to fall for a scammer just because they quote a purchasing price that’s too good to be true (it almost always is).

Skip the Unqualified Cash Home Buyer – Work with KC Property Guys

Whether you want to sell a house as-is or help elderly parents move out of their home, it’s important to only work with a reputable company. It pays dividends for you: both financially and for your mental well-being. Nothing is more demoralizing or aggravating than playing a confusing game of home-selling whack-a-mole with wholesalers.

KC Property Guys is happy to help you avert the problem and actually sell your home for a fair price. It won’t be “top dollar” because we assume the overhead of cleaning, repairing, staging, showing, and closing the sale on your home, but it’s worthwhile for the right customers.

Avoid the risks and hassle of working with an unqualified cash home buyer by contacting us to explore legitimate fast cash selling options.


Eric Scheele

Owner & CEO