KC Property Guys Announces KC Monarch Sponsorship Agreement

Monarch fans – are you ready for a unique partnership with one of Kansas City’s most popular businesses? The Kansas City Monarchs are pleased to announce a unique partnership with KC Property Guys. What does this partnership mean for the team and this company? This sponsorship helps demonstrate major engagement with the local community. The […]

4 Tips for Selling Your House if You are Facing Bankruptcy

If you are in financial trouble and need money fast, an option is selling your house if you are facing bankruptcy. Unfortunately, people get into debt that they simply can’t get out of. Regardless of the reason, you don’t always have to file for bankruptcy if you can find another way. It’s not always easy, […]

Design Reveal of Country Home in Kansas City

So when we first came in, took our first tour, it was very dated. Everything was golden brown and old cabinets. Downstairs, the hole as you come down the stairs, there’s this huge oversized entertainment center. Design Reveal  Well, from my perspective, because I’ve got the real estate as well as the design perspective, […]

Creative Real Estate Solutions in Ottawa, Kansas!

We’re out in Ottawa, Kansas today and we are starting a rehab, we’re in the midst of a rehab that we’ve recently started, and we wanted to spend some time today to talk to you guys about creative real estate solutions with houses at KC Property Guys. We get calls from all over the city […]

Creative Real Estate Solutions

How’s it going everybody? It’s Lucas Scheele with KC Pier and Kansas City Property Guys, and today we’re actually out in Grandview, Missouri. We’re going to be looking at a creative real estate option with Eric Scheele, so we’re going to go touch base with him and see what’s up.

Investing In The Kansas City Area With Rex Rodenbaugh

Speaker 1: Live from the KC Property Guys and KC Pier Studio in beautiful Kansas City as we discuss investing in the Kansas City area. Speaker 2: Home to over 200 fountains and more barbecue restaurants per capita than anywhere in the nation. Speaker 1: It’s the Kansas City Real Estate Industry Leaders Show. A […]