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Selling Your House For Cash Made Easy Selling your house for cash can sometimes be a very difficult affair because of the challenges and processes involved. It is more especially inconveniencing when you want to sell fast and are finding it hard to find a buyer who is ready with cash. We all know that […]

Kansas City Cash Home Buyers – Should I consider?

Selling a home in the traditional manner means that you will need to take the time to find and hire a Realtor, make sure the home looks its best, advertise the sale of the home, and wait for an offer on the home. Instead, some of the advantages of selling a home to a cash […]

Pre-foreclosure vs. foreclosed homes in Kansas City

Pre-foreclosure is a condition where the owner of a particular property is late for a period more than ninety days on their payment. In this situation, the lender commences the process of foreclosure with a given notice to the trustee sale. An auction of a pre-foreclosure property occurs when the borrower doesn’t clear the arrears […]

Selling your home in Kansas City

Thinking of selling your home in Kansas City? Now could be a great time—interest rates are still low, and mortgages are more accessible to buyers than they’ve been for a long time. Even better—the housing inventory for homes that are not short-sales or foreclosures is very low. Selling your own home, instead of using a […]

Stop Your Foreclosure in Kansas City

Anytime a homeowner runs into financial trouble dire consequences can enter into the equation. That is especially true when it comes to foreclosure in Kansas City of the home that was used to secure the debt owed to the lender who is now foreclosing to get title to the property back. However, there are several […]

Buying a flipped home in Kansas City – A Buyers Guide

House flipping has gained notoriety from TV shows but chances are the person who flips your potential future home won’t have a TV crew documenting the work. Horror stories abound of house flips that hid major problems, only to be revealed months after the new homeowners moved in.  It can be tricky to discern a […]

Selling my Kansas City home while still in Probate

You can accept an offer to buy a house while it is still in probate, if you strictly follow your state’s rules. The probate court will monitor all aspects of the sale. Be aware that the executor or administrator of the estate also must monitor and approve the terms of sale. Buyers must submit offers […]

The Kansas City Pre-foreclosure Process Step by Step

Unfortunately for some, life events such as loss of a job, divorce, death of a wager earner, health conditions and myriad of other life circumstances can bring on the process of foreclosure of a home.  For many Kansas City home owners as well others across the United States the foreclosure process can be a long, […]

Home Repairs Before Selling a Home in Kansas City

Home repairs before selling a home always pay off, but which home repairs bring the biggest return? Many sellers, trying to do the right thing, often create Kansas City house money pit issues by making repairs that are not required. They tend to make the repairs they would want, which are not necessarily what a […]

Decisions for Downsizing and Retiring in Kansas City

As the years go on, we get to a certain point where we must make decisions for downsizing and decluttering our lives.  Downsizing into a retirement home can be a physically and emotionally tough time, but these tips should help smooth over the transition. Plan ahead Preparing yourself mentally and physically for this step in […]